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Our Philosophy

MindLever esteems itself to be a thought-leader in the way Economics is taught through the delivery of innovative and quality content developed by our group of highly professional, qualified and caring teachers.

At MindLever, we have continuously raised the bar in the standards of our teaching and have delivered quality results from year to year. We have done so through the relentless efforts of our teachers in finding ways to





the teaching of Economics, so as to provide a compelling learning experience for all our students.

Our Comprehensive Learning Suite

MindLever offers a comprehensive tuition programme for A-Level Economics which is designed to bring out the most optimal results that our students are capable of achieving, especially when embarked from the beginning of JC 1 to enjoy the full benefits of our structured 2-year programme. Students who have enrolled in MindLever’s uniquely crafted program for Economics from an early stage have consistently shown above-average performance in their College’s examinations.

The two year programme has been specially designed to offer students with the essential learning outcomes required by the A-Level syllabus for Economics. The programme at MindLever places a strong emphasis on building a solid foundation through content mastery that is complemented with imparting a core group of skills that are imperative towards an excellent performance in the subject.

Our holistic programme offers multiple touch-points of content delivery for students to fully immerse themselves in the learning and discovery of Economics while meeting an exciting array of learning needs that includes the visual and auditory learners.

Over the years, we have been very successful in inculcating a deep interest and ultimately robust confidence in the subject. In fact, after going through our programme, a significant number of our former students have chosen to major in Economics at university including globally renowned institutions like the London School of Economics (LSE).

As a student of MindLever, you will be given the full array of tools necessary for you to improve and excel in Economics. The learning process at MindLever is student-centred and gives you the time to reflect and realign your learning priorities and needs along with the progression of our programme that guides you through your major milestones of internal College examinations and finally the A-Levels. The multiple touch-points of learning are summarized in the following figure.

Our comprehensive range of offerings has been designed to meet the key learning outcomes as stipulated by the MOE syllabus for A-Level Economics. These offerings have been planned to address the key challenges faced by students in the learning of the subject – content mastery, application and evaluation.

Econs Tuition

These offerings are constantly updated and we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to increase the learning outcomes of our students.

At MindLever, we place an exceptional premium on having only the best teachers in the subject matter to offer a distinct experience in the learning of Economics. Our track record in helping students achieve outstanding results for both their College’s internal examinations and the final A-Levels continues to be a strong testament to the dedication and quality that MindLever continues to set as its mission.

We Bring Together The Crucial Elements for Success in Economics

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The Challenges of A-Level/IB Economics
Did you know that amongst all the A level subjects, Economics has the second lowest distinction rates of a national average of approximately 40% As compared to the sciences and math where the national average of distinctions are as high as 80%?

Did you know that the average grade for Economics is an E or D for internal tests and examinations?

Why is Economics as a subject so tough?
Challenges of A-Level/IB Economics

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